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Fireball Pocket Fighter is the first installment of the Fireball Crossover series of crossover fighting games, developed and published by Fireball Studios for the PC. Pocket Fighter was announced on May 17th, 2017. Game development began on that same day too with a creative team of Fireball Studios Employees.


Gameplay Screenshot Fireball Pocket Fighter

Screenshot of Baxter and Red Noir at the Training Room during gameplay.

The main buttons in the game are P, L, M, and Space Bar (For Player 1) and E, R, T, and Y (For Player 2). This game will also contain items including all of them grabbing the Final Fire for a Finishing Move, using them as projectiles or using them as a Weapon. Most Characters have 3 different running and shooting animations too. Characters are determined by their weight too, for example some characters can run fast, while some can run slow.

This game will also feature both single player and multiplayer variations to it as well. For Single Player mode, Players can fight on multiple stages and against CPUs they like to select, while in Multiplayer Mode, 2 Players can face off against each other.

There is a special mechanic that allows players to grab the Final Fire, but it can be used only one time a match. What it does it acts like the Character's final smash and finishing move.

The main goal of the game is to knock them off the stage and win the game, just like how Smash Bros. works. The AI will only have 1 move in the game, and will be unable to obtain the Final Fire move at all.

Playable Characters

The characters are the fighters which represent the universe they belong to. Each character has a number of special attacks, standard attacks and a unique special move called a "Final Fire".

There will be a total of "56" Characters joining the roster as well, however the roster has not been finalized and it is unknown at this point how many characters will appear in the game.

A poll has been put up on Facebook to see what guest characters are going to be included. The Guest characters will be up to 3 as well right here [1]. As well as 2 TCT Characters in the game.

Most characters will have four moves in the game, and some with only three.

Baxter Pocket Fighter
Red Noir Pocket Fighter
Nicolas MSN Pocket Fighter
Amanda Pocket Fighter
Bax2 Pocket Fighter
Aoki The Human Pocket Fighter
Baxter Ewers Pocket Fighter
Baxter Red Noir Nicolas Tamichi Amanda Bax2 Aoki The Human Baxter Ewers



Baxter Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / EFireballBaxter shoots a fast-moving fireball.
L / RFire Punch-Kick ComboBaxter delivers a punch; pressing twice in succession makes Baxter kick. Holding down the attack button produces the same effect. It is good for racking damage and KO'ing, because of its decent knockback.
M / TFire SpinBaxter spins around in with his arms out while in ablaze. This move only has small horizontal knockback, but it is very useful for dealing damage.
Space Bar / YFire UppercutPerforms a Jumping Uppercut of Flames.
Final Fire
Super Baxter X1 Baxter will transform into his Super X1 form. Which he can only shoot fireballs, but when he can move around. It can damage his opponents. He can only stay in this form for 15 seconds.
P / ESpecial BallBaxter shoots a Fireball with high-dealing damage.

Red Noir

Red Noir Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / ERed BallRed Noir shoots a small jolt of Red and Lightblue projectile of electricity inside of it. Takes electric damage to the opponent.
L / RClaw StrikeRed Noir shoots his claw out at the opponent.
M / TRed PulseRed Noir thrusts his arms out pulsing kinetic energy infront of him.
Space Bar / YRed BladeRed Noir swings his Sword at the Opponent.
Final Fire
Red Revert Punch Red Noir will turn back getting full of the Red Aura power and strikes a huge punch at the opponent.

Nicolas Tamichi

Nicolas MSN Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / EMagical Pink ArrowNicolas takes out his Bow and Arrow and shoots a Pink Energy Arrow at the opponent.
L / RPink FireNicolas will shoot his pink arrow with pink flames around it at the opponent. A more enhanced version of the Magical Pink Arrow.
M / TPink Heart WavesNicolas will make a heart, using his fingers and will blast the pink heart wave at the opponent.
Space Bar / YPink BoomerangNicolas will throw 3 pink boomerangs at the opponent.
Final Fire
Magical Boy Legends Nicolas, alongside with Cristian Uzukato, Kiiro Sazuki, Botan Guji, and Daisuke Maruno will appear and grab out all their weapons and shoot their opponent with it. Has high launch damage. Pressing P will allow them to shoot and can only last for 10 seconds.


Amanda Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / EA-FistAmanda creates a Green energy fist on her hand and thrusts it out at the opponent.
L / RA-BrickAmanda creates bricks right infront of her. If the opponent goes to it, it blows up on their face.
M / TA-Kick ComboAmanda rapidally kicks infront of her.
Final Fire
A-Gunship Amanda hops off the screen and is in her gunship.
P / EEnergy ShotShoots from her Gunship.


Bax2 Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / EFire KamehamehaBax2 shoots out a small Ki Blast of Fire Energy infront of him.
L / RInstant TransmissionTeleports away from the opponent.
M / TFire Dragon's FistBax2 punches forward with fire energy.
Space Bar / YInstant TransmissionSame as the other.
Final Fire
Ultimate Fire Kamehameha Wave Bax2 transforms into his Super Saiyan Fire form and unleash a full blast of Fire Ki Energy.

Aoki The Human

Aoki The Human Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / ESpin DashAoki will curl up into a Ball and starts rolling towards the opponent at fast speed.
L / RRing ShotAoki will throw a Ring at the opponent.
M / TSpin ChargeA Spin Dash that lacks a short hop at the beginning and cannot be shield canceled, but hits multiple times and has more momentum
Space Bar / YSpeed RushAoki will run really fast into the opponent while surrounded in Blue energy
Final Fire
Super Aoki Aoki will transform into his super form and fly around causing damage to the opponent.

Baxter Ewers

Baxter Ewers Pocket Fighter
Attack Move Description
P / EKi PunchPunches with Ki Energy.
L / RKi Spin KickSpin Kicks forward with Ki energy.
M / TKi KickKicks forward with Ki Energy.
Space Bar / YKi ShotShoots out a Blue and a Red Ki Ball at the opponent.
Final Fire
Ki Blast Gains full of his Blue and Red Ki Energy. Baxter Ewers will unleash a full blast of Blue and Red Energy at the opponent.


Training Room FPF
Siderville (Day) FPF
Siderville (Night) FPF
Hiroo City FPF
Planet Sector 0110 FPF
Training Room Siderville (Day) Siderville (Night) Hiroo City Planet Sector 0110
Collège Françoise Dupont FPF
Collège Françoise Dupont


Most of it's soundtrack are borrowed from with fair use.

  1. Main Menu
  2. Training Room
  3. Siderville (Day and Night)
  4. Hiroo City
  5. Planet Sector 0110

List of demos released

Version Release date Character Stage Item Download
0.1.0 June 5th, 2017 GameJolt


Final Fire
Punching Bag
Final FirePunching Bag


Development had began on May 17th, 2017 with starting off with the base sprites for future fighters to come in. Stages were not added in until May 21st 2017 starting off with the Training Room and Siderville being the first main 2.


Dash Speed

Red Noir5.5
Nicolas Tamichi8
Aoki The Human12.11
Baxter Ewers

Jump Height

Red Noir8
Nicolas Tamichi9
Aoki The Human7
Baxter Ewers

Air Speed

Red Noir6
Nicolas Tamichi5
Aoki The Human9
Baxter Ewers

Gravity Speed

Red Noir3.4
Nicolas Tamichi2.1987
Aoki The Human0.09
Baxter Ewers


Red Noir100
Nicolas Tamichi95
Aoki The Human94
Baxter Ewers


  • The Final Fire acts very similar to the Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • There are a large amount of Super Smash Bros. references in the game, for example:
    • The Punching Bag acts very similar to Sandbag.
  • Some of the Stages, like Siderville have an Alt seperate stage on them. For example, Siderville's would be Day and Night variations.
  • When Red Noir screams out "You pressed the wrong button!" when he is eliminated, it is a reference to how Deadpool screams it in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • AI was going to be apart of the game, however it was removed due to the developer getting very mad at the Amanda AI for changing back to the Baxter AI which he couldn't find the error, so instead AI has been scrapped in favor of Multiplayer.
  • At a rare inclusion, The Files got corrupted after a soundtrack has been added into the game for Planet Sector 0110. However, this was fixed and the game still was managed to be finished with the first Demo.