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Fireball Studios (火の玉スタジオ, Hinotama sutajio) are a Company with Video Games, Artwork, Anime and Manga, Cartoon Shows, Comics and many more things. Fireball Studios was first an Artwork company in drawing many characters, until around late 2014 and beyond, Fireball Studios has started doing Comics, Anime and Manga, Video Games and more.


In 2007, It was in it's first stages as a new franchise would begin with Super Baxter.

Fireball Studios was founded in June of 2010 by Baxter Ewers. Their first products were online graphic arts from MS Paint. Around 2012, Fireball Studios has expanded more of the franchises with the introductions of Fire Hair, Real Life, A-Girls and more.

Around 2014, New franchises like Super Nicolas were expanding and new things were introduced to the company like Anime and Manga, Comics, and the Artwork still continues.

In 2015 would begin the mark of Video Games with only a Beta, as the very first video game was released to start things off with Super Baxter 1 on Game Maker in 2016.

Fireball Studios offices

Fireball's main headquarters are in Virginia (where it has been since 2010).

Key people

This is a minor list of famous Fireball Studios people, for a bigger list, see Fireball Studios People.

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