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 The Fireball Video Game Universe (FVGU) is an American media franchise and shared universe that is centered on a series of Fireball Studios's video games, The franchise has expanded to include video game, anime, cartoon and comic book related franchises into one shared universe in a video game. The shared universe, much like the original Fireball Studios in pop culture, was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, and characters.

The first video game released in the FVGU was Super Baxter 1 (2016), which began the first phase of the universe entirely. Super Baxter 1 was released on the main SuperBaxterBros GameJolt Page, in which it will be moved into a brand new page on GameJolt named Fireball Studios.

This "Cinematic" universe will also contain Fireball Stones in each game.


Video Games

By 2013, Fireball Studios began planning to independently produce its start in the video game industry using Game-Maker 8.1. Previously, Fireball was in search and need to find a perfect programming tool to use to create its video game universe.

In 2015, a Beta called Super Baxter: Platforms was a Test to be sure that Fireball Studios was really ready for the games to happen, in-which it has successfully happened. The Universe had started it all off around February 11th, 2016 starting with Super Baxter 1 and beyond.

In 2017, it was announced that there will be more universes coming to the video game universe (Real Life, Fire Hair, Mahou Shounen Nicolas, Miraculous Red and more.)

Featured Games

Game U.S. release date Platform Status Download Reception Genre
Phase One
Super Baxter 1February 11th, 2016PCReleasedGameJolt71%Action adventure, Platforming
Super Baxter 2: Mahroe's ResurrectionApril 14th, 2017PCGameJolt86%Action Adventure, Platforming
Real LifeOctober 13th, 2017PCFinished, Will release on October 13th TBA TBAAction Adventure, Beat 'em up, Horror
Dragon Ball Fire Vol. 12018PCDevelopment TBA TBAAction Adventure, Fighting
Miraculous Red2018PCProduction TBA TBAAction Adventure, Beat 'em up, Stealth
Mahou Shounen Nicolas: Portable TBAPCPre-Production TBA TBARPG
Super Baxter 3: JC TBAPCDevelopment TBA TBAAction Adventure, Platforming
Fight Girl TBAPCPre-Production TBA TBASports, Beat 'em up
Fire Hair TBAPCDevelopment TBA TBAAction Adventure
Phase Two
Yare! Yare! Mariko! TBAPC TBA TBA TBA TBA
Unknown Phase
Real Life 2: The Crusaders TBAPC TBA TBA TBA TBA


Game U.S. release date Platform Status Download Reception Genre
Super Baxter: PONG! EditionOctober 10th, 2016PCReleasedScratch N/ASports
Super Baxter: BLESSOctober 17th, 2016PCReleasedScratch N/A TBA
Super Baxter Arcade TBAPCDevelpoment TBA TBAPlatform
Real Life: Earth 101 TBAPCDevelopment TBA TBABeat em' up

Fireball series

Main article: Fireball Crossover
Game U.S. release date Platform Status Download Reception Genre
Fireball Pocket FighterJune 5th, 2017PCFirst Demo Released TBA TBAFighting
Fireball FightingTBAPCPre-Production TBA TBAFighting


Phase One


Phase One



TCT Studios


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