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Template:Cartoon / Animation Series The Miraculous Red series is a Animation series owned by Fireball Studios. It will soon premier on YouTube Red as an Original Show alongside Super Baxter Adventures. The series follows both Red Noir and Verre Arc on their adventures to defeat Akumatized Villains


At Collège Françoise Dupont, Baxter Eberusu was a troubled kid, having a hard time making friends and gets constantly bullied. After being seperated by the Dupain-Cheng family when he was around 2 years old, he was a lone wolf, living with the Eberusu Family. However, one day he finally made a friend with a special Kwami named Red. The two started to form a bond to each other, when suddenly Red told him about the danger that has been happening recently.

Baxter Eberusu would use the kwami's location for the belt to transform into Red Noir, the first miraculous user to use a look-a-like kwami. He alongside Verre Arc are a part-time team together on defeating villains like Evil Lightning, Magnetic and a few others under the hands of Hawkmoth and Doomsday.