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The Super Baxter series is the most successful video game franchise that debuted in 2007 as a drawing and art supplies, now debuting once for the second time with Super Baxter 1 in 2016. An Light Novel is currently in development for the franchise too.


Around the Year where Humans were now officially named "Siders", they were successful, they were more advanced and had super natural abilities of their chosen element. Not until a new race called the Kurtles were introduced and threaten the sider race and attempt to extinct the sider race, until a Flaming S-Ranked Fire Element Sider walked in and began his adventures on defeated the kurtle king Mahroe and save the universe, crowned as Siderville's new hero, the sider would have the name Baxter. The series follows Baxter, and the rest of the Super Baxter characters on the adventure to stop Mahroe and other villains from destroying the planet.


The best known games of the franchise is under the genre of Platforming. In which Baxter is mainly for Platforming 2-D (currently) and soon to come 3-D in the future.

Series and Subseries